Public Works


Public Works Building
8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Fri

1891 W 3000 South
Heber City, Utah 84032

Phone (435) 654-1661
Fax: (435) 654-4820

Wasatch County Public Works

Public Works is dedicated to providing creative, customer-friendly service while maintaining the County's infrastructure by resurfacing streets, preserving facilities and rehabilitating public structures. The department also meets the environmental needs of residents by administering the Wasatch County Solid Waste Special Service District and collecting residential and commercial refuse. It also ensures public safety by responding to weather-related emergencies such as flooding, land subsidence, snow and ice storms, and other disasters. The department also provides emergency management and preparedness, TV reception, noxious weed control, snow removal of county roads and sign maintenance, solid waste "garbage collection", engineering department, and flood control.

County Road Information

County Roads

Road Projects

General Road Information

Wasatch County Public Works department maintains 269 miles of public roads.  They also maintain all bridges, culverts, lighting and signage for these roads.

Road Mileage by Surface Type

  • Paved Road: 136.5 miles
  • Improved (Gravel) Road: 109.5 miles
  • Native Road: 22.5 miles

Roads can be viewed via our Online Base Map.

Flood Hazards


Television Reception

TV Repeater Tower

This tower is located above Midway on Wilson Peak and  broadcasts across the valley. Your reception will very depending on where you are located and the weather. If the signal is lost, it is most likely because of high winds or bad weather. Be patient, we will get it back up as soon as possible.

What antenna to use?

Bowtie antennas have shown the best results but others can be used.

Local Broadcast Channels

Channel Call Sign Licensed Channel Channel Call Sign Licensed Channel
2 KUTV (35) 11 KBYU (39)
4 KTVX (31) 13 KFTU (25)
5 KSL (27) 14 KJAZZ (21)
7 KUED (33) 30 KUCW (26)

Noxious Weed Control

Noxious Weed Control

Wasatch County’s weed department is responsible for enforcing the state weed laws. There are 54 noxious weeds that need to be controlled.  We are here to help make sure people are controlling the noxious weeds on their property by helping them use the best strategies and equipment available.

The CWMA was organized to help government organizations and the public work together to control the ever growing noxious weed problem.

Contact: Quintin Lewis (435) 654-1661 option 3

Weed Board

The Weed Board members serve a 2 to 4 year term.  They are responsible for education and finding new ways to control noxious seed and enforce the state weed laws.  The members are assigned to different areas of the county and work with the people in their areas to address their concerns. 


Wasatch County Cooperative Weed Management Area is a newly established organization set up to obtain Federal, State and private grant funds for the purpose of controlling noxious weeds with in the county and possibly including other county’s where infestations extend beyond our boundaries.

They have spray days throughout the summer to spray different properties.  To get more done, any volunteers are welcome, including dedicated hunters.  The CWMA also provides education to interested groups.  To get more information on how to volunteer, contact the public works department.

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