County Treasurer's Office

8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Fri

25 North Main
Heber City, Utah 84032

Phone (435) 657-3217
Fax (435) 654-0834

Wasatch County Treasurer

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for all revenue coming into and expenditures going out for Wasatch County funds.  They manage these responsibilities by printing and mailing property tax notices, collect property tax, deposit all county monies, apportioning collected monies to each entity, investing county monies, and tracking and balancing all bank accounts.

The Treasurer's Office is the place to go for market and taxable values of property, collection information (have payments been made), status of taxes (current or delinquent), tax rates, property addresses, property being paid by mortgage companies, and special assessments attached to property taxes.  They can tell you how much your taxes are, what penalties have accrued and help answer other tax related questions.

Property Tax Facts

Parcel Number:

This is your identifying number used to process your tax payment and is in the format of xx-xxxx-xxxx. Reference it on all correspondence and payments.

Serial Number:

This is used by the Assessor's and the Recorder's offices, it contains physical location identity.

All payments are to the:

Wasatch County Treasurer
25 N. Main
Heber City, UT. 84032-1827

On-Line Payments:

This is handled by a third party processor, INSTANT PAYMENTS which can be accessed through the Wasatch County Website: Debit or credit cards will have 2.5% added to the amount paid to cover processing fees. E-Checks (requiring your bank routing number and account number) will have a 75 cent fee added to the amount paid. Discrepancies should be addressed with Instant Payment first at 1-800-764-0844. NOTE: PAYMENTS after 5:00pm are applied to the next day!

Mailed Payments:

Checks ONLY, personal, business, or certified funds are all accepted. Certified funds guarantees your payment. CASH mailed is at the tax payer’s risk! To ensure proper credit, PLEASE write your parcel number(s) on your check or provide a list.

In Office Payments:

Office hours are from 8:00a.m. To 5:00p.m. Mon. – Fri.
Cash or checks are accepted.

Mortgage Payments:

On the front of the tax notice, top right corner under "Mortgage Company" if you see "NO REQUESTING COMPANY" the payment has not been requested and is the owner’s responsibility. If there is a number and a name (it may not be your actual mortgage co.) the payment SHOULD be made in your behalf by the escrow funds in your mortgage. It is not GUARANTEED, if you have doubts contact your mortgage company.

Tax Payments

Prepayments are accepted anytime, always note your parcel number (xx-xxxx-xxxx) on your payment.

Payment in full is due upon receipt of the tax notice, and becomes delinquent with a 2.5% penalty ($10 minimum) after the last day of November, unless it falls on a weekend, then the delinquent date is the following Monday. Postmarks are accepted, not the date on the check.

Pursuant to Utah Code 59-2-1317, you have the right to direct allocation of a partial payment between the amounts due for [total] property tax, assessments, delinquent local district fees, and any other amount due on this notice. The form is available at the Treasurer’s Office, signature required.

Entity Service Fees:

UTC (11-42-401), Entity fees for improvement, operation and maintenance, or economic promotion of activities provided by the local entity will be listed separately on the front of the tax notice under Property Type and Taxing Units/Entities.


Abatements are available for veterans and fixed income. Applications are required to verify qualification, and applications are available through the Clerk’s Office (435)657-3191. Applications must be filed with the Clerk’s Office prior to September 30th of the current tax year, and must be filed/renewed each year.


UTC (59-2-1331) Delinquent taxes have a 2.5% penalty ($10 minimum) added after all receipts paid or postmarked prior to the delinquency date are processed. Payments received in December and to January 31 of the following year will have a 1% penalty instead of the full penalty and NO interest. After January 31 unless it falls on a weekend, then the following Monday, the full penalty plus interest from January 1 are applied to the remaining balance. NOTE: Again Postmarks are accepted, not the date on the check.

Mailing Addresses:

Please notify the Treasurer's Office of any change in the mailing address. CAUTION: Forwarding mail to a new change of address be it permanent or temporary will not guarantee that the County Notices will be forwarded to the new address. It is best to update the new mail address with the Treasurer's Office. Temporary changes are not advised.

Property Tax Online Look-up Service

Property Tax Notice


Property taxes are due by November 30.

  • Payments received with postmarks on or before November 30 will be accepted without penalty.
  • Payments received between December 1 and January 31 will have a 1% penalty added.
  • Payments received (postmarked) after January 31, will have a 2.5% penalty plus interest from January 1st.

Online payments are processed through Instant Payments and are updated weekly from November 1 to January 31. Call for correct amount due outside of this date range.

We do not accept credit cards in the office. If your mortgage company is paying your taxes and you are unsure, please contact them to confirm their payment.

When mailing payments, please include the parcel number on your check payable to:

Wasatch County Treasurer
25 N. Main
Heber City, Ut. 84032

Call (435) 657-3217 to confirm the correct payoff amount.

To obtain current property tax information about your parcel, use our Property Tax System Look-up Online Service.

Online Payments

We are now providing a newly updated service with Instant Payments, our property tax payment processor. 

Quick One Time Payment

Simply enter your Parcel Number and make the full payment of the taxes due this year.  The following service fees apply:

  • 2.5% fee if Debit or Credit Card, minimum fee charge of $2.50
  • $.75 fee if Echeck

Full One Time Property Tax Payment

Single and Recurring Payment - View Balance

Here you “Create” a new account or use an existing account with Instant Payments. Requiring an ID & Password to access the account.

  • Here you can view/print your tax bill.
  • You can set up recurring payments or make a single payment.
  • Monitor your account balance.
The following service fees apply:
  • 2.5% fee if Debit or Credit Card, minimum fee charge of $2.50
  • $.75 fee if Echeck

Single Partial and Recurring Payments - View Bill


State law requires payments to be applied to the most current tax year first. On November 1st of each year payments received at Wasatch County will be applied to the current year taxes and then the next delinquent (redemption) year and so on until the balance is paid in full.

Delinquent Property Tax Listing

Taxes are due on November 1st and become delinquent after November 30th of the current year. Any taxes paid after November 30th, are delinquent and must include a penalty fee of $10 or 2.5% of the total amount delinquent, whichever is greater. (NOTE: If the entire “current delinquent” tax is paid between December 1st and January 31st of the following year, the penalty is adjusted to 1% instead of the 2.5% rate.)

If the “current delinquent” taxes are not paid in full by January 31st of the year following the current year, the original penalty, as of December 1st, plus interest from January 1st are applied to the remaining balance and the tax is now “Delinquent”. (The interest rate is defined by Utah State Code 59-2-1331)

The information contained herein is provided as required by Utah Statute, Section 59-2-1332.5 UCA.

Delinquent Multiyear Property Tax Listing
Updated weekly

For correct payoff amount (“Delinquent” taxes change daily w/interest) or additional information. Please Call (435) 657-3217.

Property Tax Online Look-up Services

Please include your parcel number on all checks and correspondence with our office. If you have an escrow account, please contact your mortgage company.

You can make payments online at:
 Instant Payments
Additional convenience fees will apply.

If paying by check, please make checks payable to:
Wasatch County Treasurer
25 N. Main
Heber City, Ut. 84032-1827

Note The amounts due are as of the date of the report. Call (435) 657-3217 to confirm the correct payoff amount.

Property Tax Breakdown Charts