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Mapping Services

Mapping services are a collection of map layers and aerial images combined together into a web application. These application have tools and custom tasks designed to help you make a map, locate a parcel, see the flood planes or find out where to vote.

County Online Base Map

 County Online Base Map Link

This map service will help with locating roads, addresses, parcels, view aerial images and print a map. The map only has the basic layers like addresses, roads, parcels, streams, contours, and aerial imagery. Once the map is open, use the Map Help  to get started.

Zoning Online Map

 Zoning Online Map Link

This map service will help with determin the zoning for a parcel. By zooming in on the map and selecting the parcel of interest, the parcel information will be displayed in a popup information box. The information box will have small arrows at the top. Use these arrows to see all the information available. The layer list Icon can be used to turn on or off layers as needed. To get a list of parcels within 500 feet of another parcel, use the 500 foot buffer tool in the lower left had corner of the map.

Land Survey Locator Online Map

 Record of Survey Online Map Link

This map service will help with locating record of surveys . The intent of this service is to help surveyors find the filing number for a survey. By zooming in on the map, the filing numbers will appear. By clicking on one of the surveys, an information box will popup with some information about the surveys in that area.

County Election Voting Location Map

 County Election Location Map Link

Need to know your voting precinct? Our voting precincts are part of the Online Map as a layer and will need to be turned on to see them.  Select the Map Help icon to learn how to turn layers on or off.  

Heads Up! This mapping service is updated for County wide general elections and not for off year municipal elections (typically odd numbered years). Check with the specific municipality for municipal election information. Link

This service provided by the State of Utah allows you to check your voter registration status and provides additional election information

Internal Web Map Link,  Password Required

Beta Public Web Map